AquaReader Floating Book & Tablet Caddy

Ergonomically designed reading caddy for the pool, bath, and hot tub.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is AquaReader suitable for pools?

Yes! Many modern pools are designed with sitting ledges around the perimeter making for an ideal position for use? Steps, floating lounge chairs, even wading are are also excellent positions to use the AquaReader.

Is AquaReader suitable for hot tubs?

Yes! The seats and loungers in hot tubs and spas provide excellent positions for using the AquaReader. 

Is AquaReader suitable for baths?

Yes! The AquaReader viewing angle is designed for lounging and sitting. Lying low enough to wet your shoulders doesn't prevent you from seeing or using your book or reader. 

Will my book or tablet get wet?

No, not if splashing and over-load is avoided. Applying too much weight and size can lead to tipping and instability risking failure to remain upright. Experience will guide your judgement to what is too much and what is not.


Do I need a book retainer?

Yes, books normally have strong bindings that resist opening. The retainer forms a cavity for which the book resides holding it open and securing it to the backboard. It is translucent and slides up and down to apply the pressure against the binding at the ideal point to flatten pages for reading. 

Where can the AquaReader be stored?

AquaReader can be stored inside or out. The backboard assembly is easily separated from the inflatable base to reduce the overall space required?

Can I buy AquaReader in stores?

No, currently the AquaReader is only available on-line direct from us or 

Are transactions made on this web site safe and secure?

All purchases from this website are made through PayPal; the most secure online credit, debit, eCheck processing service in the world.