AquaReader Floating Book & Tablet Caddy

Ergonomically designed reading caddy for the pool, bath, and hot tub.

About Us


We are a small manufacturer dedicated to offering the most functional cost effective reading devices for the bath, hot-tub, and pool.  We believe uniting the joy of reading with the pleasure of a soak can achieve new heights in leisure time and personal enrichment.

Many years ago we discovered that a simple buoyant ledge above the waters surface to rest our books would greatly enhance our bath and hot-tub time.  After many trials and tribulations we've perfected the design in size, material, floatation, reading angle, and assembly to comply with every budget.

Today, the universal appreciation of AquaReader has exceeded our highest expectations.  Sales to nearly every state and over multiple continents has cemented our commitment to constantly improve and expand our product offering to maximize every customer experience.  Our passion is to transform family pools, hot-tubs, and bath tubs around the world into the most desired reading and tablet using location in the home.

We greatly appreciate your visitation and please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or inquiries you may have.